Spring-1 Plan
  1. Handover (Receiver)
  2. Learn how to program (Python, perhaps R)
  3. *Mentor one another learning.*
  4. Some Speakers
  5. Role Selection
  6. Annual Meeting
Summer Plan
  1. Learn how to program (Python, perhaps R)
  2. Learn about and download finance equity data sets (CRSP, Compustat)
  3. *Mentor one another learning.*
Fall Plan
(Busiest Quarter * 2)
  1. Learn about portfolio formation and portfolio returns
  2. Learn about finance backtesting and performance evaluation methods (Fama-Macbeth; Black-Jensen-Scholes/Fama-French)
  3. Read about finance strategies
  4. Select, design, and backtest your own strategy
  5. Incept your strategy (around the turn of the calendar year)
Winter Plan
  1. Strategy Monitoring
  2. Evaluation
  3. Industry Speakers
  4. Selection of Successors
Spring-2 Plan
  1. Handover (Sender)
  2. Industry Speakers
  3. Final Report
  4. Annual Meeting

Earlier Slides
I will update the following slides as the quarter progresses and move them up.

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