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A free online textbook with a low-cost printed version, full instructor materials, a course administration site, a student self-test site, and much more. The best book there is, regardless of price. I also posted a presentation to the FMA at here

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My course pages are now hosted on, which is much simpler for both instructors and students than any alternatives. (Students not in a course using the system can also take free finance quizzes here.)


MFE 404

A first-to-second Corporate Finance and Economics course for MFE students, with emphasis on financial statements, comparables, and data and computer programming.

Energy, Climate Change, and Finance

  • FEMBA 298D (Welch, with Bradford Cornell) is a 5-week half-credit course.
  • Read this even if you are not taking the course.


Day at The University

Helping less privileged.


A free IPO teaching case

3h Tour of Finance

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Old Exams

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Feel free to ignore. It is worth what you are paying for it.

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