Homework, by Me, Jan 1, 2117

Executive Summary

Squirrels are furry creatures. In the full sample of all 123,121 gray squirrels from 1/1/1980 to 1/1/2017, the mean squirrel weighed 1.1 lbs, with a standard deviation of 0.1 lbs. This suggests that squirrels are not as heavy as elephants. Measurement error, sample selection, and treatment of missing squirrels cannot change this conclusion.

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Tables and Figures

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Squirrel Observations
Tree Squirrel
Wen China 1.30 lbs
Brett US 1.20 lbs
Ri Korea 0.75 lbs
Iris Taiwan 0.85 lbs
Ovi Germany 1.00 lbs

Computer Code

      for (i in 1:100)
        cat("Squirrel Number is ", i, "\n")


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