298E: Energy, Climate Change, and Finance

These are the files for Anderson UCLA 298E, taught by Brad Cornell and Ivo Welch, Winter 2020.

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Background materials/-2020-May-02 03:26
Possible articles/-2020-May-02 03:26
Sobieski_ slide deck_ reduced size.pdf18.0 MiB2020-Feb-28 21:18
Week-readings.zip161.6 MiB2020-May-02 02:53
co2-syllabus-feb8.pdf139.8 KiB2020-Feb-08 21:23
divestment.html6.6 KiB2020-May-21 00:05
divestment.pptx2.4 MiB2020-Feb-15 20:03
nordhaus-dice.html11.0 KiB2020-May-21 00:05
nordhaus-dice.pptx970.1 KiB2020-Feb-15 20:24
nordhaus.xlsm1.1 MiB2020-Jan-17 23:26
test.html8.6 KiB2020-Jun-04 18:56

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