Mar 1, 2023

Questions for Visitors

Please write up at least three questions (one page for all three) for the visitors that are about to come to class. The primary purpose is to induce you to think about what you would most like to learn from the visitors. Please email this to me, under the title “questions for …” in pdf or text (email) format. I may use this as part of the discretionary part of the grade.

  1. JB Sobieski will be talking about the challenges of creating a large renewable wind+solar+storage energy installation in the panhandle of Texas located near a main electricity station already located on his property.

  2. Alicia Knapp will be talking about Berkshire Hathaway renewables. They operate not only the largest solar plant in California but also a geothermal plant near the Salton Sea. (And, of course, they do not merely operate in California!)

  3. TBA will be, I hope, talking about VC-type investments in renewables. Alternatively, if I find someone who is really good about talking about current and future battery chemistries, I would be thrilled.

  4. Ram Rajagopal will be talking about the challenges in building an electric power grid.

I have asked all speakers to talk for about 30-45 minutes and then field questions. I hope you will pick up on this opportunity!

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