These are not binary files (SAS format is proprietary and not sharing-permitted), but ascii files specially prepared to be readable by SAS. Sample code is included for each file.

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beta-by-permno.data4sas.gz21.2 MiB2020-Aug-13 12:29
beta-by-permno.sas336 B2020-Aug-13 12:29
betasd-by-gvkey.data4sas.gz24.2 MiB2020-Aug-13 12:29
betasd-by-gvkey.sas337 B2020-Aug-13 12:29
betasd-by-ncusip.data4sas.gz26.2 MiB2020-Aug-13 12:30
betasd-by-ncusip.sas362 B2020-Aug-13 12:30
betasd-by-permno.data4sas.gz27.8 MiB2020-Aug-13 12:30
betasd-by-permno.sas340 B2020-Aug-13 12:30
betasd-by-ticker.data4sas.gz25.5 MiB2020-Aug-13 12:30
betasd-by-ticker.sas362 B2020-Aug-13 12:31