FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) Gateway To CSV (Comma-Separated Values) Data

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Gateway Use

This site provides a zero-learning curve gateway to pull down FRED data in convenient csv format via command lines or via the web.

  • To send a command line request, you can use a CLI program such as curl or wget on practically any operating system:
                            # curl
                            # wget
  • You can send a url request, such as directly.
  • You can use a url request from an html form, such as
    FRED Series Name

Data may be delayed by up to 12 hours. The data output will always be one csv file / series. If the series does not exist, the program returns a 404 status error. It is your responsibility to know what the data series name is and what the output means. If the values contain commas, it will be up to you to clean this up later.

You can obtain a list of FRED's >500,000(!) series from ►FRED list itself. In the example above, GDPC1 is the Real Gross Domestic Product. You could also try CPIAUCSL, which is the CPI for all Urban Consumers. Or any of the series in the examples below.

Please let me know if you find mistakes and/or FRED series names that contain not just alphanumerics.

Internal: The real backend is a data pulling program on Bookmark to The gateway URL itself always lives on, anyway, so this will not change.

Some Sample Series

Notes: * Click on the column header to sort. Click on the series name to download, and click on the description to go to the FRED page. * The Wilshire-5000 is a much better stock market index than the S&P500, and not merely because it starts earlier, but also because it has more stocks with value-weighting and because its index values include reinvested dividends. * The Dollar Index contains the Euro Area, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, and Sweden.