Why Are The Good Guys So Stupid?

  • Racial Justice!

  • Black Lives Matter!

  • White Privilege!

  • Defund the Police!

Where these slogans invented by Fox News?

No! It is difficult to believe, but they were actually invented by liberals. It is difficult to imagine how Fox News could have done a better job. They do not say what they mean—I think (or I hope). They are not understandable without a translator.

If you are a poor, uneducated, and perhaps-not-so-very-smart White (or non-White), what would you read into them?

  • Racial Justice — you are guilty by virtue of your skin color.

  • Black Lives Matter — your’s does not.

  • White Privilege — your wages are low, have not improved in decades, and are unlikely to go up more. Your prospects are lousy. Whatever little opportunities you may have will be given to non-Whites.

  • Defund the Police — you will be without law and order after the police force has been dissolved.

What the heck? Vote Trump!

Although there may be some protesters who truly believe in what these slogans claim on the surface, most liberals will quickly clarify that they do not.

Racial justice means (I hope) that minorities deserve the same justice that the majority already enjoys. Black Lives Matter (I hope) draws attention to the fact that black lives seem not to have mattered as much to police as white lives. (Ironically, a white-supremacy misleading slogan is now All Lives Matter.) White Privilege (I hope) means that our black friends have not received the fair treatment as whites have on average. Defund the Police (I hope) means that society should shift some resources from the police and the US industrial prison complex to social services instead.

Even as a sympathizer, I have to ask what these slogans really mean. If I am right, they do not seem to say what they mean. Why are they all like Orwellian Newspeak or double-speak.

The language has sowed fertile ground to twist good intent. And the liberals did not even need Fox News to do it for them. They have already twisted the words so badly themselves that Fox News could not have done better. They did not need a Fox News Commentator to come across on face value as offensive. Liberals made it easy for Fox News to rally Trump’s troops.

We need to make the world a better and fairer place. Justice and equality for all is a fundamental human right. We need major police reform. We need better opportunities for those among us who have waited too long on the lower ladder of economic progress with too little opportunities and too lousy an education, be they black, white, or green.

These are issues where all of us should be on board, including most Fox News viewers. Why has the liberal movement made it so easy for a few to weaponize propaganda on Fox News?

Ivo Welch

June 15 2020

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