A View from a Boomer on George Floyd’s Murder

  • Let the jury hear all the evidence and decide. I hope that Derek Chauvin will get convicted for murder. I hope the others will be convicted, too. Murderers!

  • The police are our neighbors and friends. They stand between us and anarchy. They put their lives on the line to protect us. They also need some appropriate qualified immunity, though not as much as they have now. If you are afraid being stopped by the police, ask yourself how you would do as a policemen stopoing someone in the land of 400 million guns at night.

  • The most encouraging aspect of the Floyd murder to me was that other cops around the US did not form an immediate thin blue line closing ranks around these four bad cops. This is a sign of better times to come. There are black sheep among the police, just as there are in any other population. If our police stops protecting their own black sheep, the world will be a better place.

  • Why would FOUR unthreatened police officers ever throw or keep ONE unarmed and already handcuffed suspect on the ground? This should be considered assault. In the absence of any reasonable threat, such excessive force should be a criminal misdemeanor in itself.

Whenever any one of us is mistreated, regardless of the colors of our skins, it is a stain on all of us. Of course, we must not ignore reality. There is a disproportionate mistreatment of our more colored fellow human beings. All of us must do everything we can to put a stop to their mistreatment. BUT:

  • Why the phrase “racial justice”? There is no racial justice. There is only justice. Guilt and innocence are not racial. They are universal. Guilt and innocence apply to individuals, not to races. In the words of Fritz Bauer, we can only be proud of the good things that we have done ourselves.

  • Why the phrase “black lives matter”? Of course they do and just as much as anyone else’s.

We especially want all Fox News viewers join with us. The “Racial Justice, and “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric seems designed to confuse and divide us. We should all stand united as one in these matters. It is a sign of how counterproductive this phrasing is that the right-wing extremists could adopt “All Lives Matter,” a slogan which is easily understandable in the absence of further explanations. “Black Lives Matter” needs to come with an instruction manual for what it means and what it does not mean, and how different people may interpret it (especially in a world full of PC euphemism). I believe it is supposed to mean “equal human dignity for all,” and especially to those who are not enjoying it already. Help Fox viewers help us.

  • And, please, let’s cut the term “white privilege,” too, please. In today’s society. privilege primarily derives from wealth. Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, Denzel Whashington, and Oprah Winfrey have privileges far beyond what the white working class anjoys. It’s not us vs. them.

I do not doubt the sincerety of those using the terms, and/or that they want only to shift the highlight to those less well off. I do strongly doubt their efficacy. They may be counterproductive. And unnecessarily so.

Then again, I am a boomer. Maybe I just don’t get it.

Ivo Welch

June 2020

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