Los Angeles Westside vs. (San Fernando) Valley Weather

Westside: Santa Monica and Lower Benedict Canyon

Valley: Sherman Oaks and CBS Studio City

Summary Statistics

Overall Statistics of Temperature Differences, Westside — Valley

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mean, Daytime Diffs −0.7 −1.2 −2.7 −4.0 −4.3 −6.8 −11.4 −12.4 −10.6 −3.3 −0.8 −0.9 Valley is warmer in the day, esp in Summer
Mean, Nighttime Diffs 5.4 4.7 2.8 1.4 2.4 1.9 0.6 −0.4 1.1 1.9 7.2 4.1 Valley is colder at night, esp in Winter

The daily daytime SD's vary between 3 degrees (winter) and 5 degrees (summer). The daily nighttime SD's vary between 2 degrees (summer) and 3.5 degrees (winter).

The main difference "boils" down to about 10 degrees warmer weather from Jul through Sep (85 instead of 75). The rest is modest—difference that can be felt in benchmark direct comparisons, but that you would not notice day-to-day.

Visual Statistics

Define Summer as approximately June through October; winter as approximately Nov through April. Visually:

  • In the summer, the (daytime) highs are about 10 degrees warmer in the valley.
  • In the winter, the (daytime) highs are about 2 degrees warmer in the valley.
  • In the summer, the (nighttime) lows are about 2 degrees cooler in the valley.
  • In the winter, the (nighttime) lows are about 5 degrees cooler in the valley.


3-day Smoothed

Highs and Lows


Day to Day

Highs and Lows


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