These are many movies watched after 2010 or so. Sortable Table. Earlier movies are listed in more movies.

Title Rate Date Why
The Debt3 Very Good2016 AugEnd too obvious, but otherwise interesting story of Pakistanis caught in 9/11
The Hunter3 Very Good2016 AugNot Captivating, but interesting story of New Zealand and hunter
Ex Machine3-4 Very Good2016 AugMuch much better than the Netflix attempt Uncanny
Code Black4 Great2016 AugLA Hospital Healthcare Documentary shows lots of what's wrong.
Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer6 Superb2016 Junaccurate. interesting. brillant. near-perfect. recent NY Times Review
No Country for Old Men6 Superb2008 AugFinally something new and great
Das Leben Der Anderen6 Superb2007 AprA slow, but great movie
Thirteen Days4.5 Excellent to2008 July...except for Costner's fake own role. Reality is often more interesting than invention
Dallas Buyer's Club5 Excellent to2014Did I get the actor right? He was great. Really.
Carlos5 Excellent to2013Terrorist Carlos' amazing story ()
The Departed5 Excellent2008 MarGreat Script. Well done
Snatch5 Excellent2008 AprNext-best thing to Pulp Fiction. Funny
Open Range5 Excellent2008 AprWestern with great scenery, scenes and lines. Almost Film Noire. Similar to (and better) than the old classic High Noon today (not then!)
Night Falls on Manhattan4.5 Excellent2008 JuneUndercover drama. Not as good as Serpico
Layer Cake4.5 Excellent2007 NovUnpredictable. Smart and interesting. (PS: Also stylish.)
3 Burials of Melquides Estrada4.5 Excellent2008 JulyOdd. Has some similarity to 'No Country for Old Men' in setting and actor
Deep Cover3 Very Good to Excellent2008 AugI like Fishburne, too
Body Heat3 Very Good to Excellent2008 AugCult classic. Clever
Gone Baby Gone3 Very Good2008 Sepfinally, Hollywood w/o happy ending
Taxi Driver3 Very Good2008 Sep...but not excellent IMHO
Parenthood3 Very Good2008Poignant and funny. Tough to be cerebrally funny—Steve Martin films often are. Great cast
Nowhere in Africa3 Very Good2008 SepInteresting life story of Jewish-German refugees. Oscar best foreign film
Lone Star3 Very Good2007 DecTapestry of life in texas with murder story
Good Night and Good Luck3 Very Good2008 JulyAlmost better classified as a documentary
A Dry White Season3 Very good2008 Sep--and very depressing
Inside Man2.5 Good Plus2008Clever, fun to watch. Unbelievable Hollywood, of course
Four Brothers2.5 Good Plus2008 June
Blood Diamond2.5 Good Plus2008 SepA bit contrived, but topical and good setting. Also very depressing
Adaptation2.5 Good Plus2008 JulyWeird postmodern
Office Space2.5 Good Plus2008 JulySome funny scenes. Worthwhile
Harper2.5 Good Plus2008 JunePaul Newman private eye flick
City of Industry2.5-3 Good Plus2008Great revenge story among thieves. Again, clever and not obvious what will happen next
American Gangster3 Very Good2012Fake in that there are obvious distortions. If better researched, would have been even better
Lonesome Dove2 Good2008 OctFor a TV series from this era, excellent. ()
Michael Clayton2 Good2008 SepClean-up lawyer. Nice Ending
Casino Royale2 Good2008 OctA Bond flick with a story? Wow! (Mildly over the top, but then this is Bond.)
Harakiri2 Good2007 DecOld Japanese flick. Held up
The Twilight Samurai2 Good2008 OctUnusual movie
Beyond Rangoon2 Good2007 DecDepressing—especially that 20 years later, it is still the same in Burma
Hell in the Pacific2 Good2008Though made in 1968, one of the still reasonably believable war films
The Long Riders2 Good2008Again, almost a documentary. Historically accurate. Interesting enough story line, though
The Andromeda Strain2 Good2008 JuneRemake and well done (except for stupid solution)
The Advocate (1993)2 Good2007 DecNot too deep, but entertaining medieval story about defending pigs and roma as devils
Letters from Iwo Jima2 Good2008Not great. No great story line. Interesting, but long. Sort of like a personal documentary
Yojimbo2 Good20084 Great at the time. Famous for its imitator, "For a Few Dollars More" (which is better)
The Mckenzie Break2 Good2008 SepInteresting 1970 story of cat-and-mouse prisoners of WW-2 story
Of Miracles and Men3.5 Very Good201? The greatest sport event ever...from the U.S. perspective, of course.
Hudsucker Proxy2 Good2008 AugTheatrical and stupid, but cute and beautiful images
3:10 to Yuma2 Good Minus2008 SepRidiculous behavior of the bad-guy (Russell Crowe), but well-crafted
Samurai Trilogy2 M + M + G2008M=Mediocre. First two parts are too unbelievable. Third part is good. Final duel is justly famous---and not ridiculously overdone, as it would be in Hollywood today
The Bad Sleep Well1 OK to Good2007 DecLittle long
Family Business1 OK to Good2008 JuneBoring, slow, odd
Whale Rider1 OK2008 SepMaori family story. Just did not draw me in too much
The Eiger Sanction1 OK2008Fantastic mountain scenes—how did they shoot them? Just tries to be too Bond-like at parts. Much better when it is its own movie
I am Legend1 OK2008 Sepjust entertaining, but shallow
Hidalgo1 OK2008Marginally entertaining Western horse fairy tale
Hangin' with the homeboys1 OK2008Four losers hanging out for a night. Not funny, just story-telling. Again, documentary touch
Equilibrium1 OK2007 DecMix 1984+Fahrenheit 451+Matrix. Shake. Predictable
Cutter's Way1 OK2008 JuneJeff Bridges in S. Barbara CA. Boring, slow, odd
6th Day1 OK2008 JulyMildly Entertaining. Predictable
Sleepy Hollow1 OK2008 JulyI generally don't like supernatural horror flicks, and this is one ridiculous movie. Nice Burton visuals
Best in Show1 OK2008 OctMockumentary---joke, of course
There will be blood2 Good2008 SepLiterary adaptation of a Misanthrop
Unbreakable1.5 Mediocre Plus2008 DecSupernatural thriller w/ B Willis and Samuel Jackson. Mildly entertaining
Time after Time1 Mediocre2008 JulyStupid, predictable
The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)1 Mediocre2008 AprSilly, though mildly entertaining. Embarrassing product placement. Doesn't Hollywood have real stories to tell any more?
The Package1 Mediocre2008 SepMuch too predictable
Signs1 Mediocre2007 NovStupid. Only redeeming feature: ancester of "War of the Worlds"
Sayonara1 Mediocre2008 JulyWhy does everyone like Brando? He always talks as if he had a stroke. Could this movie not have found Japanese actors?
Rob Roy1 Mediocre2008 JulySuper-Predictable
Mission Impossible II1 Mediocre2008 JanFashionable. Can Hollywood make realistic films with stories?
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome1 Mediocre2008 AugStupid and Predictable
James Bond: License to Kill1 Mediocre2008 JanAre these Bond films just satires of themselves?
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within1 Mediocre2007 NovNice animation. Bad story makes no sense to the uninitiated
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot1 Mediocre 2008Not believable
Torn Curtain0 Bad2008 JanPredictable. Bad Studio Production. Stupid. [opposite=The Spy who came in from the cold]
The Patriot0 Bad2008Lousy collection of bad history and predictable plot
Runaway0 Bad2008 DecAged very badly. Funny—Terminator, with a similar subject matter and made the same year, aged very well
Lair of the White Worm0 Bad2008 NovWhat were they thinking? Nice naked women?
The Maltese Falcon1 Outdated2007Yes, I am serious. Yes, I know that this is a cult film, but please watch it again. It really is ridiculous
Is Paris Burning?1 Outdated2008Realism should not be lacking in a war movie
Pepe le Moko1 Outdated2008Police and criminals don't have these sorts of relationships
Fast and Furious0 Bad2008 Sep... and stupid
Cocaine Cowboys2 Good2014 Junelow-budget fun-to-watch documentary
Star Trek Into Darkness1 Mediocre2014 Junenice wisecracks and special effects. BUT completely illogical from start to end
The Book Thief3 Very Good2014 Junedon't expect a lot of action. very literary
The Way Back3 Very Good201? true story of escape through Siberia
12 Years a Slave3-4 Very Good2014 June...but also very painful. Not a fun afternoon. (Only the Holocaust was worse.) Why did more slaves not kill their masters?? Abolition was not justice: we should have instead made the white slavers the slaves and the former slaves their masters
Bob Marley2 Good2014 May...but skip the first 30 minutes
BSG: The Plan2 Good2014 Maybut only for BSG afficianados. You have to have seen the series, or this movie makes zero sense
Tron Legacy1 OK2014 Mayhad to watch this with my 10-year old. Could have been worse. Nice graphics. Dumb story
Appaloosa2 Good2014 Maybut not great. too predictable short-run, although long-run story is less predictable
God's Pocket2 Good2016 Augbut not great. not captivating
The Debt2 Good2016 Augbut not great. story was a bit flat and predictable.
A New World1 Not Good2014 AprNo shred of truth, though use of historical names. Black Robe (1991) or The Mission (1996) are more realistic and not under false pretense
Notorious2 Good2014 AprWhite-wash of Notorious B.I.G. rapper. Still funny
American Hustle4 Very good2014 AprNot predictable. Still funny
Gravity2 Good2014 AprNot realistic. Predictable
Blue Jasmine5 Excellent2014 AprCate Blanchett steals the show
Beaufort2 Good2014 MarWeird Israeli movie. Apparently realistic (from someone who was there).
Gravity1 Mediocre2016 JanNot logical and predictable
Peaky Blinders, I and II3.5 Very Good2016 FebSlow episodes in between, but overall enjoyable
Ken Burns Roosevelts4.5 Excellent2016 FebGreat Documentary
The Green Prince4 Very Good2016 MarGreat Documentary
Beasts of No Nation3.5 Very Good2016 JanIdris Elba and the child are great. Very depressing
Kids for Cash3.5 Very Good2016 JanDocumentary
Making a Murderer6 Superb2016 JanAn Instant Classic. However, don't believe everything you see. ()
The Man in the High Castle2 Good2016 FebGreat atmosphere. At times illogical. Distortion of book
Narcos5 Excellent2016 JanWagner Moura is magnificent. Well done. Close to real life
Elite Squad4.5 Excellent2016 Jan2 Good movie about Brazilian police, favellas, and corruption
North and South5 Excellent2015 DecBritish industrialization and ethics, with few stereotypes ()
Jane Eyre3.5 Very Good2015 NovAt times, illogical, but still very good
Best of Enemies3.5 Very Good2015 NovWilliam F Buckley Jr and Vidal Gore. See also "Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia"
Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial3.5 Very Good2015 NovRecreates Nuremberg trials by testimony, mixed with footage
Wallander (Brit)3.5 Very Good2014 JulBoring murder mysteries, but great ambience. The original Skandinavian version was disappointing.
The Wind that Shakes the Barley3.5 Very Good2015 SummerA bit boring and slow at times
Whitey: USA v James Bulger3.5 Very Good2015 OctGreat documentary. Corrupt Boston police
Blackthorne4.5 Excellent2015 OctWhat if the Sundance Kid had lived? Slow but Good
Flame and Citron4.5 Excellent2015 OctDutch Resistance
Above and Beyond3.5 Very Good2015 OctThe beginning of the Israeli Air Force
Night Crawler3.5 Very Good2015 OctCreepy guy becomes freelance night reporter and manipulates crime scenes. Noir
A Gang Story3.5 Very Good2015 OctFrench movie about mobster history. Noir
The Homesman4.5 Excellent2015 OctTommie Lee Jones and Hilary Swank drive this, though she is too attractive for the role
The Best Offer4.5 Excellent2015 DecModestly predictable, but still quite Good
Age of Uprising: Kohlhaas1 Mediocre2015 SepI like slow and I like middle ages, but this is just too boring
A Most Wanted Man5 Excellent2015 SepA Terrorist Thriller in Hamburg that is not predictable. Philip Seymour Hoffman
Los Angeles: Skid Row is my Home3 Very Good2015 Augand depressing
What happened, Miss Simone4.5 Excellent2015 Aug2 Good documentary
Lord of War3 Very Good2015 Augand depressing about arms merchants
Carl Panzram2 Good2015 Augstandard PBS documentary episode
The Killing1-2 Good2015 Augflat
Killing Them Softly3 Very Good2016 MayLiterary.
Rounders3 Very Good2016 MayLiterary. Gambling. Unpredictable.
The Blind Side5 Excellent2015 Aughomeless kid becomes NFL superstar
Silver Linings Playbook5 Excellent2015 Augjust as Good as the blind side
An Honest Liar2 Good to Very Good2015 Augdebunker of magicians has illegal immigrant spouse
Dirty Wars5 Excellent2015 AugEither the establishment is corrupt or incompetent
Seraphine4.5 Excellent2015 JunGerman housekeeper is magnificant painter, though mentally disturbed. Oscar-deserving for seraphine
Frida4.5 Excellent2015 JunFrida Kahlo
The Honorable Woman2 Good to Very Good2015 Mayfine line between clever and unbelievable
Monk with a Camera5 Excellent2015 Aprgreat movie about the philosophy of life, but not for everybody
The Great Train Robbery3 Very Good2015 Aprnice recreation
Vatel1 Mediocre2015 AprI love costume dramas, but this one is boring and illogical
Low Winter Sun2 Good2015 Aprfine line between clever and unbelievable
The Forsyte Saga6 Superb2015 AprOne of the most captivating shows ever. Real characters, all flawed. ()
Europa Report2 Good2015 AprAliens, oh my Good!
Khodorkovsky2 Good2015 AprGood PBS fare
The Wolf of Wall Street4 Very Good2015 Aprbut not as Good as, say, Margin Call
The Assets5 Excellent2015 MarReal story of US mole Aldrich Ames ()
20 feet from Stardom2 Good2015 MarPBS fare for music junkies
The Walking Dead2 Good2015 JanNot bad for a zombie flick. Please, watch only Season 1
Two Lives1 OK2015 JanEast German Spy in Norway, of all places
Reel Injun2 Good2015 JanStandard PBS fare
The Man Nobody Knew: William Colby2 Good2015 JanStandard PBS fare
Virunga5 Excellent2015 FebThere are many heroes in Africa, not just bad guys
Skyfall1 OK to Good2015 Jan...for James Bond fare. nice scenes and ambience. stupid, like always
Croupier3 Very Good2015 JanBritish independent flick
Fading Gigolo1 OK2015 FebWoodie Allen formula fare, not believable
Robot and Frank3 Very Good2015 JanTwo great actors, funny story
Automata3 Very Good2015 JanStandard sci-fi fare, but well executed
The Decent One3 Very Good2015 JanHimmler, wow
Generation War3 Very Good2015 JanI and II are great. III is ridiculous. Think Band of Brothers without the moral high ground
Appropriate Adult1 OK to Good2014 NovHigh expectations too easily disappointed. Gloucester murderer being interviewed
Spiral (S4)3 Very Good2014 OctFrench answer to the wire
Senna3 Very Good2014 SepTragic
Spies of Mississippi2 Good2014 SepGood standard PBS fare about the FBI in the 1960s
Codebreaker3 Very Good2014 SepAlan Turing
Winged Migration5 Excellent2014 Augperhaps the most amazing nature documentary ever
K-19: The Widowmaker3 Very Good2014 SepHarrison Ford as a Russian sub captain
Lincoln5 Excellent2014 AugOscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis
The Fall (2006)5 Excellent2014 AugTarsem Singh. creative, innovative, spectacular visuals, rivaled only by "Dark City"
The Unknown Known2 Good to Very Good2014 AugGood PBS-style documentary about rumsfeld
Island at War1 Mediocre2014 Augboring...I just could not get into it
Gideon's Army2 Good to Very Good2014 Augdocumentary about public defenders in the criminal justice system
All the Pretty Horses3 Very Good2014 JunGood film from the book
Star Trek Into Darkness1 Mediocre2014 Maywhen you run out of Good stories, you rely on Good effects
Marley2 Good to Very Good2014 MayPBS style documentary
The Whale3 Very Good2014 MaySelf-tamed Killer Whale in Vancouver
Blackfish3 Very Good2014 May?Sea's a whale, not a fish
Downfall6 Superb2014 MayHitler's Last Days
The King's Speech4.5 Excellent2014 AprOscar winner
Mrs. Brown4.5 Excellent2014 AprBBC style costume drama, not overplayed
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga3 Very Good2014 AprHerzog documentary about Siberian life
Bernie2 Good2014 AprBlack humor
Sherlock1 Mediocre2014 Aprridiculous and unbelievable; too clever for itself; but stylish
Cartel Land 2 Good 2016 Protection against cartels in MX
Into the White 2 Good 2016 OK
Following (1998) 1-2 Good 2016 Quite Good Buget Movie
Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) 0 Yuck 2016 Lousy. Not authentic.
Kilo Two Bravo (2014, British) 3+ Very Good 2016 Very good, but also very painful to watch.
Rounders (1998) 2 Very Good 2016 Very good. Set of loser gamblers. Not as prdictable.
Look Who's Back (2015) 0-1 OK 2016 (Adolf, of course.) Mediocre, but has its amusing moments.
Killing Them Softly (2012) 1-2 Good 2016 Good. Not predictable. Nice Ending.
The long walk home (1990) 0-1 Boring 2016 Boring. Paint is drying.
The Big Short (2015) 2-3 Very Good 2016 Problem: I know too much about the subject. Margin Call is a more accurate and better movie, though.
Django Unchained (2013) 2 Good 2016 OK Spaghetti Western. QT has made worse but also a lot better (Pulp Fiction!)
Experimenter 2-3 Good 2016 (Milgram Experiments.) Good.

TV shows

Please do not suggest: Ingmar Bergman, Grease, My Dinner With Andre, Wings of Desire, Jaws, E.T., James Bond, The Shining, Rosemarie's Baby, Independence Day, Titanic, Godzilla, various Altman films, plus much of the other sh.. that Hollywood has recently been selling. (Catastrophe) Movies that can be seen on the Weather Channel or CNN do not do it for me, either.

Good Movie Sites: The Internet Movie Data Base.

My favorite critic was Roger Ebert. OK, so I do not fully agee with him, but he was pretty good.

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