Buy Adrienne Howley's The Naked Buddha. It's a guide to living, not a guide to theology. There is (almost) no religion in there. For more information, also see the Dalai Lama — and some of his advice on dying.


I am a heavy user of ubuntu linux, emacs24, pdflatex, ssh, apache2, and the Google infrastructure (gmail, docs, etc.). I program primarily in perl, C, and R (but am keeping an eye on Julia), occasionally in php, C++, mysql, javascript, and a number of other languages. I use Mathematica. This website was created in jekyll.

I use OSX because I like Apple computer hardware. OSX itself is mediocre. Nice GUI, but rotten underpinnings (file system package manager).

I use Android, with a strong preference for original Google Nexus Android. This is because I live in the Google infrastructure. I like the iPad Pro, but not the iPhones.

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