Buy Adrienne Howley's The Naked Buddha. It's a guide to living, not a guide to theology. There is (almost) no religion in there. For more information, also see the Dalai Lama — and some of his advice on dying.


I am a heavy user of ubuntu linux, emacs24, pdflatex, ssh, apache2, and the Google infrastructure (gmail, docs, etc.). I program primarily in perl, C, and R (but am keeping an eye on Julia), occasionally in php, C++, mysql, javascript, and a number of other languages. I use Mathematica. This website was created in jekyll.

I use OSX because I like Apple computer hardware. OSX itself is mediocre. Nice GUI, but rotten underpinnings (file system package manager).

I use Android, with a strong preference for original Google Nexus Android. This is because I live in the Google infrastructure. I like the iPad Pro, but not the iPhones.

I have written a perl parser for latex called iawltxhtml (download here). It is a good start for a clean parser of latex code into useful html/epub code. It comes in a very large zip file, primarily because it contains the source and results for four example fame jagazines on which I used it (many large images!). iawltxhtml is not documented or supported, but it contains a lot of working code based on days of experimentation of how to successfully parse code into useful html, with css, math, images, flexibility as to whether the resulting file is pdf or html, etc.

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